Tata Steel Nederland Technology BV

Tata Steel Nederland (TATA) consists of two Business Units: Tata Steel in IJmuiden, which consists of an integrated steel plant in IJmuiden (the Netherlands), and Tata Steel Downstream Europe, which is formed by a group of steel processing companies in North West Europe, Spain, Turkey and the United States. With over 12,000 direct and 30,000 indirect employees, it is one of the largest companies active in the European industry. Tata Steel Nederland produces high-grade steels for specific and complex applications in construction and infrastructure, the automotive industry, packaging, the energy transition, engineering and more.

Role in the project

Tata Steel Nederland Technology B.V. is involved in the following activities: reduction studies, carbon prediction modelling and studying the impact of DRI/HBI properties on dust formation.


Balan Ramani and Jan van der Stel work in the research area Blast Furnace and Alternative Ironmaking and will perform the activities for Tata Steel Nederland Technology B.V.

Balan Ramani

Jan van der Stel


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