TU Bergakademie Freiberg (TUBAF), Institute of Thermal, Environmental and Resources’ Process Engineering (ITUN)

At the Institute of Thermal, Environmental and Resources’ Process Engineering (Head of Institute Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. A. S. Braeuer) research is done in all the aforementioned disciplines of process engineering. The group of Thermal Process Engineering for example investigates into the fundamentals of separation processes (distillation, extraction, absorption, crystallisation, drying, membrane technics, …). In environmental process engineering the development of new approaches on waste water treatment from mining, chemical industry and municipality play an important role. The Group of resources’ process engineering investigates into the material and energetic use of natural raw material of biogenic, fossil and mineral sources. The broad and interdisciplinary orientation as well as the laboratory facilities of the institute enables the comprehensive investigation and development of extensive and coherent process chains.

Role in the project

Over the years ITUN gained a lot of expertise in agglomeration of various mineral and organic feedstocks. ITUN is responsible for the following tasks in HBI C-flex:

  • Investigations into briquetting of the DRI in laboratory scale
  • Evaluation of the briquetting process
  • Determination of mathematical correlation between briquetting parameters as well as material properties and the HBI quality parameters


Dr. Volker Herdegen is Head of the Working group Resources’ Process Engineering at ITUN. Dr. Franz Fehse is Senior Researcher at ITUN. He works in the field of agglomeration of mineral and organic resources. In HBI C-Flex he takes care of all work packages associated to ITUN, e.g., the laboratory-scale briquetting tests as well as the evaluation of the compaction process.

Dr.-Ing. Volker Herdegen

Dr.-Ing. Franz Fehse