As we wrap up the first year of the HBI C-Flex project, it’s a perfect time to reflect on our achievements and the progress we’ve made. The year has been really productive and we are excited to share our key milestones with you.

πŸ“† Consortium meetings

Over the past year, we held five consortium meetings with our supportive advisory board to discuss our progress and plan the next steps. Two of these meetings were in-person, hosted in Linz (Austria) and Mézières (France). These gatherings provided valuable opportunities to collaborate and strengthened our team.

πŸ’» Website launch

In November our website went live and is a home for all project-related information, updates and links to the consortium partners as well as our supportive advisory board.

πŸ“§ Newsletters

To keep our stakeholders, supportive advisory board and partners informed, we published two newsletters this year. These provided updates on our project, the team and the work carried out. If you haven’t subscribed yet, make sure to sign up to receive future editions.

πŸ“ Deliverables submitted

We have successfully submitted seven deliverables, each representing valuable progress in our project. These documents reflect our commitment to meeting our goals and to inform the public more accurately about our work. As soon as the deliverables available to the public are checked by our project officer, we will publish them on the website.

πŸ“ˆ Poster presentation by TU BAF

Our consortium partner TU Bergakademie Freiberg (TU BAF) represented the project at the annual meeting of the VDI/DECHEMA specialist group on agglomeration and bulk solids technology with a poster in Weimar in March 2024. Great work!

πŸ” Round robin

For quality assurance and to ensure comparable analysis results during the project, the laboratories of our consortium conducted a round robin test. The test produced reliable results across the different participants, and this outcome sets a great start for our future work.

🎀 Stakeholder interviews

The HBI C-Flex team completed a series of stakeholder interviews to obtain qualitative data and gather valuable insights. These interviews helped us understand the needs and expectations of our stakeholders and enabled us to better meet their requirements.

πŸ”¬ Decision on pellets for the reduction tests

After careful analysis and discussion, we reached a decision about the type of pellets for our reduction tests. We selected three DR-grade and three BF-grade pellets, which will be essential for the next phase of our project.


The above listed milestones represent the work and dedication of our entire team. We have achieved a lot in the first year of the HBI C-Flex project and remain motivated achieve our project goals and to advance our research. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments in the coming years.




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